sometimes life is stranger than fiction
No Man’s Land

I have stared out of the window much too long, much too long
And I wonder if there’s anybody out there
I’m too tired to stay up, too awake to go to sleep now
And I wonder if there’s anybody else…

Don’t believe it, no
That no-one stands in the door,
with his eyelids blinking
while his mind keeps sinking d
eeper into darkness
as the night
conceals his face…

Come with me into No Man’s Land…
When the daylight fades away…
We have come into No Man’s Land…
Some place between night and day…

I’ve been driving in my car now much too long, much too long
And this city is a ghost town before dawn…
I’ve been searching for a flicker from a window anywhere

Are you hidden under blankets?

Are you fighting any monsters in the cupboard, in your bed,

are you happy, are you sad? …

Don’t believe it, no
That no-one stands in the kitchen
gets a glass of milk and a cookie
cause it’s s
aving from the darkness,
makes the night a
nicer place…

There’s a memory
Of you sitting next to me
talking about things that the night protects
from w
atching eyes and stupid Why’s,
our night i
s shining bright…

Find your way out of No Man’s Land…
When you find no words to say…
After dawn things look different
with the rising of a new day…

- - - 
inspiriert von einem 4-Uhr-morgens-Es-regnet-wir-sitzen-im-Auto-und-sind-gerade-vom-Abiball-unsere-Nachfolger-zurückgekommen-Gesprächs mit Caro, die den Titel geprägt hat.

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noch 10 Tage bis zu Teil 7

ich krieg Kreislauf

und Schreibblockade sowieso

danach werd ich tagelang nich ansprechbar sein

und wenn die letzte seite umgeschlagen ist...



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