sometimes life is stranger than fiction
ich hab WORTe im Kopf

So Me So You

I am so enchanted,
I cannot even name it
Although it’s not so difficult, but
I just took for granted,
here’s nothing left about it
That’s able to surprise me,
but there’s something that’s still here …

You can find it in everything, 
put into everything
you’ve got no choice,
you can search but it finds you
deliver everything
to go and get the thing                                
you put all your love and devotion into,
this thing
is oh so you

I can’t make you feel that,
ou wouldn’t understand it
I found this thing for me alone and
You and your compassions -
I will not understand them
I guess that’s just the nature of love,
something everywhere…

You can i
dentify with it,
a part of you in it
You cannot explain it -
it’s just existing
Deliver everything 
stay and keep that thing
you put all your love and devotion into,
this thing
is oh so you

24.4.07 16:39

The Apple Tree

Sometimes you’re reaching out too far
You’re heading for the fall

You don’t notice the obvious at all
Your point of view’s too small
You’re choosing one direction
You didn’t see the shortcut after all…

Grab your bag – pack – duck
You have had bad luck
Didn’t see the hint, now the grief begins
Full of moaning and depressions, take your time…
take a break…

And keep waiting for the right thing on a sleepwalk through the night
sometimes waiting is the only way to reach
and sit down just when you want to, you must take your time tonight
until your find your flash beneath the apple tree

Grab your pen and write
It will be all right
Sometimes treasures lie where you don’t know why
When you don’t expect the answer is so near…
it’s all so clear…

Sometimes – your eyes were just too blind
so that you couldn’t find
the obvious right in front of your eyes
Inventions take their time
Ideas can drive you mad
and appear just like an apple falling down on your head…

- - -
"I have an epidemy!!!"
" mean, an epiphany."
- Dustin Hoffman & Bob Hoskins, Hook

21.4.07 15:53


I read a book about you
You had a different name
But something shines out of you
That says it’s all the same

omebody wrote about you
With words more worth than mine
And I can recognize you
By reading every line

And I see you standing
on the edge
When I want you to move,
I turn the page
and the ending is always the same,
so I stop and read
over and over again...

I like a happy-ending
When it’s appropriate
I can create my ending
Re-write is not too late
I’d dial a different number
I’d say a different phrase
If I don’t like the chapter
I’ll just erase the page

When I see you standing
On the line
Shouting out this story
works out fine
I can hardly believe, turn the pages and read the book
Over and over again…

Would you drop all pages and
Read the end
If you knew it, would you
Just pretend
That your life is like always or would you re-write your life
Over and over and
Over and over

31.3.07 17:23

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